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Diesel Watches for Men - The Best Watches of All Time

The word diesel will immediately let you think of an image of oil or grease that is a part of the machine industry. Have you ever thought about how it is a brand name? If you are into fashion and branded names, you know what Diesel is referred to. It is a private retail company that is also known for selling diesel uhren herren, which their headquarters is located in Breganze, Italy. The company mainly sells denim and clothing for men, women and kids, which also include accessories as well. They own two brand names, which are Diesel and Diesel Black Gold. They even have a line for kids referred to as the Diesel Kid. They became known for making the most surreal ad campaigns ever since the creative director of the company, Nicola Formichetti took his position in the year 2013.

Since their establishment in the year 1978, Diesel has since then been associated with unique cutting edge design in fashion. The company is considered the brainchild of the founders Adraiano Goldschmeid and Renzo Rosso. Since the two founders have background in fashion, they've used what they've learned into every product they produce into the market, thus surprising the fashion industry in every move they make. Shortly thereafter, the company has then been producing amazing products into the fashion industry, then becoming the leading brand that provide products in every category like in clothing, denim, shoes, accessories, and fragrances, including their timeless Diesel watch Collection.

Many people believe that the diesel uhren herren sale watch collection is a brave and bold line - which is something that can never be compared with any other watches. Most people think the brand got all the bells and whistles, this is just an understatement. You have already seen what Diesel can do with their watches - high tech elements, bold design and wide bands, thus making the brand stand out in different ways. The watch collection is one thing that you will linger over and over.

Each year, the company sells over 1.3 billion dollars worth of products from its working 2,200 employees. The largest store this company has is in Milan, Italy. It has 18 subsidiaries all over America, Asia and Europe. Their retail outlets is numbered over to 5000, expanding its reach to a lot of consumers. And this include the 300 branded stores under the name of Diesel. So what kind of connection do these have with the diesel uhren herren watch collection? You will learn more when you read what they have sold to the market and considered as the best of all time timepiece collection of the brand.

Diesel SBA DZ 7125
This is a very popular Diesel watch amongst customers. This is a watch designed for him in darker style. It's got a very unique look of its own, with three analog and one digital clock display. The watch's face is almost covered in color black and it has a leather-made wrist strap. Its hardware is made in stainless steel, the same way with the watch case, too. These two features adds up a bit of touch to the watch, making such a piece looking more modern and edgy.

diesel uhren herren sale

Diesel SBA DZ 7194
This is designed for real men. What's the reason for it? This is a watch that attracts a lot of attention. The oversized face is filled with different time zones in 3 analog and 1 digital clock display. The strap is made of leather and its overall color is mainly silver and white. It has a water resistance rate of 3 ATM. The quartz movement of this watch make it practical yet stylish at the same time.

Diesel Little Daddy DZ 7291
Should this need to be explained? The watch is made for men, but for those with a family. This product is included in the Mr. Daddy Diesel collection, which is heavily about manly and rugged style. Its stainless steel case is in black while the strap is made from black leather calfskin.

Diesel Gray Silicone DZ 7279 Watch
Created for men, this is another one of the watches under Diesel that comes with three analog and one digital clock display. The aspect of this watch that really stands out is its brightly red silicone wrist strap that's accenting the low-key gray face. The watch has its own distinct style, thus making it a watch to be worn on casual occasions.

Diesel SBA DZ 7259 Watch
The gray dial complements really well with its wrist band and the stainless steel case. Out of the best selling Diesel watches for men, this is the true gem. It has a multi-functional analog quarts movement and dual time zones. You will see screws on the case of the watch, giving it a more industrial and modern look.

Diesel Mr. Daddy DZ 7296
This is another tough timepiece coming from the Mr. Daddy line, which is an oversized watch that features black ion-plated steel. The watch comes with 3 analog dials accented in bright yellow color, showing like radars. At the face's bottom edge is the fourth digital display.

Diesel DZ 4301 Watch
This is one different diesel uhren herren watches among the collection under Diesel. With a band and case made out of stainless steel and black face, this makes a very eye-catching piece. The hour and minute hands are all in silver color and the second hand is in poppy bright blue. This is something unique and stylish to be worn by men.